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This insurance ensures financial protection for employees and their families. So we can say providing Group Life Assurance cover for his/her employees is indeed a goodwill act of the employer. What’ more, this insurance helps cement trust between the employer and his/her employees which indeed is the cornerstone of uplifting corporate Social Responsibility.

Personal Accident Insurance means if there is something causes dead, disable and injuries because of unexpected damages, it is a type of insurance helping with money to be convenient for your valuable families.

Aryuparla Health insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial benefits not only for accidental illnesses, but also for limited access to hospitals due to Covid-19 disease and infection.

Critical illness insurance aims at providing an extended cover for medical cost.

Travel who travelling inbound or outbound trips with bus, ship, flight or your own vehicle.

Education Life Insurance provides financial support to your children to accomplish their educational goals.

Student Life Insurance ensures your children to achieve their educational goals.

It is a type of insurance that covers the financial loss caused by the insured's death. The purpose is to ensure that the benefits of the collection are well-deserved at the end of the year. Intended for middle- and upper-income Myanmar people, including locals and foreigners.

Life insurance provides protection against the economic loss caused by the death of the person insured. With this Endowment Life Insurance, you get both protection and savings.

That kind of Insurance is a kind of Insurance that is helped when you can't give back your loan because of unexpected damages. That insurance is a type of Loan Life insurance which is Decreasing Sum Insured.

To cover the condition when people who get loan can’t pay back their loan because of unexpected accident. This insurance can be bought with Decreasing Sum Insured or Fixed Sum Insured.