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Education Life Insurance provides financial support to your children to accomplish their educational goals.

Insured Persons

  • The insured means a person who has insurance coverage under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Persons Eligible

  • One's life can be insured for the education of her/his children. (Need to check health checkup.)

Insured Age Limited

  • The insured at the time of getting insurance policy must be between 18 years and 56 years of age. (For 56 years, upmost 9 years of insured period can be selected.)

Insured Period

  • Insurance terms are fixed at 9 years, 11 years and 14 years.

Sum Insured

  • The minimum amount for the premium is MMK 5,000,000 and the maximum amount is MMK 100,000,000.

Premium Payment Periods 

  • Periods for payment of premium for this insurance policy are 5 years, 7 years and 10 years depending on the respective term of the policy.

Premium Payment

  • You can pay the premium payment in installments monthly, once every 3 months, once every 6 months, once every 12 months. ( The policy is valid after paying the premium for at least 3 years. )


The education insurance policy will remain in place even after the premium payment period expires. From the end of the premium payment to the end of the insurance year, including the expiration date of the premium, the insurance company will refund 20% of the sum insured as an education benefit.